Tessa Wallis

Meet the Sculptor

Tessa Wallis was elected president of the Melbourne Society of Women Painters & Sculptors in 2023.
Tessa has supplied quality custom made masks and puppets to Australian theatre groups, drama teachers, advertising agencies, film makers and promoters for over twenty years. She also makes masks and puppets for home and garden décor.

Many of Tessa’s “performance” masks and puppets are made from latex because it is comfortable, flexible and durable. She also uses fibre glass, papier mache, laminated fabrics and a wide variety of textiles. For décor, ceramic, porcelain and terra cotta are available to order, as is bronze or glass for some designs.

Using Tessa’s custom building services, the most fertile imagination can materialise in a form to excite performers and audiences alike.

Let your imagination fly!

To find what is possible please contact:
Tessa Wallis - email: tessa@masksandpuppets.com.au

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